Life with God for Children training conference for pastors, teachers and parents. Participate in a full day of training in spiritual formation with children.  Learn the patterns of spiritual growth for children and how these patterns form the mind, emotions, body and spirit. Experience classical spiritual disciplines through the lens of imagination and play. Learn the rhythms of the Life with God for Children curriculum and the many ways to use it in church and home settings. 

Spiritual Direction with Children conference for spiritual directors, parents, grandparents, pastors and those who wish to companion children on their faith journey. Participate in child-like practices that lead us into a deeper life with God. Learn the rhythms of spiritual growth for children and how to listen them to life. Discover the ways and places that children connect with God and how to open the space for natural connection to occur. 

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A retreat is different than a conference. It is a time to experience God. While we may gain intellectual knowledge, our primary focus is on experience and conversation with God. Specifically retreats have looked something like the following. Together, we can design the retreat that your church or small group needs most.  

Entering the Kingdom as a Child retreat opens the space for participants to follow the advice of Jesus and enter the kingdom as a child. We will explore the child-like disciplines such as play, praying with our bodies, painting, Ignatian meditation and attentiveness. 

Good Dirt retreat is designed for families who want to experience God together. We will learn and practice listening each other to life. We will enter into the Ignatian Prayer of Examen family style. We will experience the connection between play and pray.  This retreat is designed to partner with Good Dirt: A Family Devotional for Spiritual Formation

Popular topics for retreats are: 

Come Away to Rest: How Jesus Served Others Without Burning Out or Blowing Up

Solitude and Silence: When Less Is More

Cultivating a Listening Ear: Discernment 

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