Spiritual Direction with Children

Children are having a life with God whether the adults in their lives notice it or not. In spiritual direction with children, the director takes the posture of noticing and encouraging, of making a space for children to talk about their experiences of God. The child takes the lead in these sessions. 

Spiritual direction with children relies on the practice of Holy Listening. While children are talking and playing the director is listening for the good, beautiful and true in their stories. In the absence of goodness or beauty the director is helping them to connect with God, knowing God is present in their pain and sorrow. 

The decision to come is usually the decision of parents. However it is never forced, the desire must come from the children. Often times it is due to a crisis in the family or an issue the parent feels the child is having. Spiritual direction is not counseling. Spiritual directors do not diagnose or treat mental health issues. In whatever circumstance or situation that children find themselves spiritual directors listen to children while listening to the Holy Spirit. They open the space for the child to see God and respond.

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