Celebration: Knowing that every good gift is from God and a reason to party

Par-tay. No really. At least once a month invite the neighbors, break out the cake, and practice your joke telling skills.

Each time you sit down to a meal together, invite those who are eating to reflect on their day and voice the little “celebrations” they discovered. For example: “Today I celebrated, when my lost keys were found. Or Today I celebrated when forgiveness was offered to me after I hurt my sisters’ feelings. Or Today I celebrated when the children put their clothes away without me having to ask. Or Today I celebrated when I heard the whisper of Jesus, and he said he loved me.”

Invite your children to show you how to play. (It is your mother tongue, but you may have forgotten). Let the little children lead you into play and celebration.

Make a family dessert together. Then share it with the neighbors.