Life with God for Children

The overarching purpose of this curriculum is to introduce children to Jesus. The Scriptures are the anchor, and the Spiritual Disciplines are used as a means of opening the space for relationship. The structure is a grand exercise in the Spiritual Discipline of study. It is based on the people profiles found in The Renovaré Life With God Bible. These are not merely lessons to be taughtthis is discipleship for children, giving them knowledge and opening the space for a Christ-like relationship with God, adults, and peers.

This curriculum is different because it is about true connection. Our culture breathes entertainment. What’s worse is that our churches have bought into the “must be entertained” mindset. Entertainment has become the fast and sterile substitute for the hard work of relationships. Children are hungry for relationships. They come into this world looking for connections. They call our names to woo us, they learn to make eye contact, and they cry and giggle, all for connection. Unfortunately our driving desire to be entertained has left us relationally depleted.

For this reason, this curriculum has not been written to entertain. Instead it’s been written to give children what they need, what they really want, and what they have been asking for if we were listening – relationship. Relationship with the adults who love them and relationship with Jesus who loved them so much he gave his life for them. That’s not to say that there won’t be fun, or laughter, or the exhilarating sense of celebration. A Life With God is full of these emotions. Our focus is connection, both to God and to each other, because that is what we are all seeking no matter how old we are.

Online Resources for Life with God for Children

Sample: Download a sample of the Life with God for Children curriculum.

Timeline: This beautifully illustrated timeline can be printed as a banner poster to help teachers, children and families see the long history of God's gracious interaction with his people. Each page can be downloaded individually or download the full timeline with all pages in a single file. (The individual files are around 9-11MB each, please be patient as they download.)