Simplicity: Letting go of things that distract us from God

Often we think of simplicity terms of stuff and for sure it includes stuff. But it begins in the heart. A simple heart is one that that loves God and people. We first learn to ask the question aloud, as a family, “Does this bring us closer to God and/or people?” And whether it is things or events or whatever if the answer is, “No”—we pass on it.

Look around your spaces, what things are bringing you closer to God or people? Are there some “things” that are just cluttering up the space? Get rid of those things.

Notice the noise in your home. Our homes are often filled with so much sound that our minds lack the grounding needed for peace. How can you practice the simplicity of sound?

Notice your family schedule. Do you have space in between events to breath, do you have margin? Practice the simplicity of time, by discussing what changes can be made to bring a little oxygen back into your family life.