Solitude: Quiet, alone, private time with God

Create a “quiet spot” in your house, where anyone can go to be quiet and listen to God. Maybe a family altar spot, or create a tent of meeting, with a children’s Bible and a battery powered lantern. We like this one.

Try a finger labyrinth. Sometimes we need something to do with our hands while our minds wind down and focus on God. As our fingers move toward the center we talk with God, telling him what is on our hearts. When we get to the center we pause, breathing deeply in and out a few times. On the way out, we listen, tuning our ears to hear what is on his heart. We like this one.

Try riding in the car without any sound. Turn off the radio and invite the children to look out the window. (They may complain at first, but that will pass.) Lear to be together in solitude.