Unpacking LWGFC: Connect, Using the Timeline

In Life with God for Children while we are engaging in life together we are also engaging in the lives of those in the Bible who have journeyed with God. We notice when they walk with God and when they walk away from God. We are learning the ways (spiritual disciplines) that they have connected with God and doing the same.

“ A lost coin is found by means of a candle; the deepest truth is found by means of a simple story.” –Anthony De Mello

During the Connect movement in the lesson cycle the children are given the opportunity to tell the stories they have heard in the past weeks. They use the time line and the Bible verses attached to it as a reminder. Ask for two or three volunteers and invite the rest of the class to practicing listening with the ear of their heart.

More clearly, invite the children listening to pay attention to what God might have to say to them through this telling of Biblical stories. In our culture of talking-talking-talking, it is helpful to remind children what listening looks like. It looks like sitting still, making eye contact, nodding their head.  

You may notice that the storyteller might not tell the story exactly as it was told or read. Instead they might tell the story they most need to hear. They might let you in on the deepest truth that has them wondering or the deepest truth that has touched their heart.

Try not to correct the storyteller, unless the story is grossly off. If the child asks for help telling a story feel free to help, but as much as possible refrain from correcting.

In each telling of the story the children are making the stories part of their own emotional and mental history. With each telling they are weaving the Biblical narrative into their soul.

“Every story you tell is your own story.” –Joseph Campbell

In reality these stories are their own stories. Like Moses they will learn to listen for God and know his voice. Like Ruth they will learn that submission is the stuff of love and friendship. Like Mary they will invite Jesus into their lives and meditate on his presence with them.

When the storytellers have finished give the listening children a chance to share in one sentence what God may have said to them, always on an invitation only basis.


Blessed adult,

Who has the chance to hear the Biblical stories of those who walked with God

Through the heart of a child,

Settle in

This is going to be good.