The Examen for Families

When I teach at conferences I'm often asked for one spiritual practice that families can do together. ONE. That's tough...

How about the Examen? My Protestant brothers and sisters might say, "What is that?" and my Catholic brothers and sisters might have visions of the Examen of Consciousness. 

The Examen for Families is a prayer practice that helps all members of the family grow deeper into the loving community of the Trinity and helps our family community to become more loving. 

The Examen can help us each to grow in greater awareness of ourselves, of our wants, of our longings, and of our limitations. The Examen can help us to grow in greater awareness of God's presence with us throughout the day and God's work in the world. It can help us grown closer to each other as we share the vulnerable inner workings of our heart and mind. We learn empathy, we learn to listen, we learn to pray for each other. The Examen can help us grow closer to Jesus as we learn the conversational cadence of talking and listening prayer. 

So enjoy this short video on the Examen for Families. And if you have the inclination- share the link- pass on the practice.