Little Blue Flower-- The Tarzana Posts

*We are calling this series of posts the "Tarzana Posts." They are written by my daughter, Anwen. Tarzana is the name her sister gave her before she was born. 

It is the first of September and I find myself wandering down to the pasture of my family’s farm. I like to go down there during this season and watch the goats and my two horses Pepper and Lady munch on the grass. They often play no attention to me. If I pet them I will occasionally get a tail swipe. I not only like to go down there for the animals but also for the splendid flowers.

Most of them this season are yellow but every now and then I will see a blue one with a white center. It is hard to spot these because of all the grass that is also turning yellow getting ready for winter passing into the season which has just started, Fall. Once I give up trying to find a blue flower, I go over to lounge on one of the graceful horses.

Since the horses are both taller than me I can’t get on them without a stool. After attempting multiple times, I go over and sit in the grass pulling it up frustrated that I was still not tall enough to get on them without help. Noticing what I was doing I stopped slaughtering the grass and picked up the pieces that were not as lucky as the others and went over and gave them to the horses. I gave most of it to the pregnant Palomino Lady who will have her baby around May 5.

I stroked her as she put her ears back. I read the warning and went back to go sit in the grass. Lady has been mad at me ever since my family went to Texas for ten days and I didn’t tell her. The other horse, I expertly named Pepper was in the sun and looked glassy with her black hair, I went over to her and put my arms around her neck. Pepper enjoyed this attention and rested her neck and head on my shoulder and leaned on me.  She knew I could not hold her entire weight so she kept some to herself. After she had enough I removed my arms and she resumed to eating her yellow-green grass.

 As I roamed back up to the house I looked for the blue flower with a white inside. When I was about to give up I saw the tiny bit of blue and I dashed over and saw the flower I had been hunting for. I was tempted to pick it and take it to show my mother and sister but I decided to let it be and live the last of its days in the earth.