A Cat Up A Tree: A Tarzana Post

I live on a farm with goats, horses, chickens, dogs, and a few cats. My favorite of all the animals are the horses, they are so amiable and kind. They make me wish I could trade places with them. I don’t however want the life of a cat; the cats are the nuttiest.

It rained all night and everything was drenched. I am unsure if the cats liked the rain or despised it. My cat, Braveheart was running around the porch and jumping in and out of trees. I went outside to see what the commotion was about and found my cat had gotten himself in a tree and seemed not to be able to come back down. Fortunately, that tree was the exact Cedar tree I’m hoping to build a tree house in. I climbed it coming to my cat’s rescue. Tapping on a branch beside me I called him. Braveheart tried and tried to get down but he couldn’t get his chubby body through the branches. I asked how he got up there and he replied with an irritated look.

I tried again to get him out of the tree and tapped on another branch. Braveheart tried to come to me. He almost made it when he slipped, used his razor-sharp claws to grab the branch so he wouldn’t fall. I looked up and saw an upside-down cat. Holding desperately to the branch I could not get him to let go and fall into my safe arms. I pushed Braveheart back on the branch and accidentally put too much weight on it. It snapped. Braveheart used me as a ladder and jumped out of the tree. I caught a branch a swung after him. When I brushed myself off I looked for Braveheart and I saw nothing.

The animals on our farm are unique. Cats are the disgruntled class clowns. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be a cat. You get piercing defense daggers to claw your owner if she breaks the branch you’re standing on. You also get to fake a tree rescue to gain all the attention.