Spiritual Direction with Children Workshop

Won’t you join me on Feb 1, 2020 in Denver for the celebration of Spiritual Direction Colorado 25th anniversary.

During this event I will be teaching a workshop on Spiritual Direction with Children. Here’s link to sign up. I look forward to seeing you there! http://spiritualdirectioncolorado.org/event-3564558

We will explore the unique ways that children are wired for spiritual connection and how a listening companion can help to enliven spiritual connection. We will learn that children innately seek connection. Children are free from certainty, they engage with all the dimensions of the self, they speak play and imagination fluently and are attentive to the sacred. These ways of being enable a child’s unique spiritual knowledge. We will learn how to host spiritual conversations with children by practicing hosting spiritual conversations with the child who resides in each of us. We will practice seeing and identifying goodness, truth, beauty, wonder and awe in our everyday lives, not limiting our experience to shared words, but also to images, color and sound. Lastly, we will practice the various mediums for response to the sacred: silence, bodily engagement, divine conversation and art.