The Contemplative Practice of Felting a Finger Labyrinth

Gather your materials: various colors of felt sheets (the size of the felt sheets is up to you, the sheets can be found at any craft store), bag of felting wool [1], felting needles, foam blocks, and a marker

Bring your attention to God near you. Invite the Spirit to accompany you in this experience.

Hold the various colors of felt sheets. Notice the thoughts and feelings that arise as you look at each color. Choose your color.

Finger labyrinth.png

Free hand the pattern onto your felt sheet with a marker. Notice how you feel about your drawing. Ask the Spirit to help you accept what you have drawn with freedom and delight. Trace the pattern with your finger and practice gratitude for the unique way you have been created. Notice what word or phrase wants to be prayed in you or you can sync your breathing with a breath prayer like:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, (inhalation) have mercy on me a sinner. (exhalation)  


I am Thine. (inhalation) Save me. (exhalation)


God is with me. (inhalation) I am safe. (exhalation)

Next, plunge your hands in the bag of wool. Notice how it feels. What thoughts, feeling or memories are stirred? Natural wool has lanolin in it, so your hands will feel softer. Grab a handful of wool. Is there a passage of Scripture that comes to mind?

Separate a small lock of wool about the size of an earthworm. Tease apart the fibers until it looks like a spiders web.

Place your spider web of wool in your palm and gently roll between your hands.

Felt 3.png

When you have accumulated several rolls, gather your chosen felt sheet, a felting needle and a foam block.

Felt 5.png

Place your felt sheet over your foam block. Take your wool roll and place it on the pattern. Begin at one end of the wool roll, in a repetitive motion jab the felting needed through the wool roll and the felt sheet and into the foam block behind them. Twist the wool while repetitively jabbing the felt needle. Notice what thoughts or feelings are stirred up with the aggressive jabbing.

Felt 6.png



Felt 8.png

When you have finished one wool roll separate the foam block from your felt sheet by pulling the two apart. Are there areas in your life where separation is occurring? Notice your thoughts and feelings around the separation.

Felt 9.png

 Then flip the felt sheet over and vigorously rub the wool strands together intentionally tangling them. Are there areas in your life that are tangled? Notice your thoughts and feelings around the tangling.

Felt 10.png

 Repeat the processes until your entire traced pattern is covered. As you watch your marker-drawn-pattern disappear notice your thoughts and feelings.

Once you have found the rhythm of your work, continue any conversations with God that began, or sync your breathing with the breath prayers from the beginning. Or you might begin to pray for the people who will use this prayer tool. You might find memories coming back to you as you engage with your body. Talk with God about those memories.

[1] Bags of wool can be purchased fairly inexpensively from