Prayer for Kaiser


We, the community of saints, gather to lift one another up. We can gather through the waves of internet, passing through time zones and seasons.

Today will you join us in lifting up Kaiser Liebenthal. He is in the hospital in South Korea.  He has pneumonia. His parents, Mark and Tamara, who blog for Good Dirt, need our prayers and loving encouragement as well. 

 Lord Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd of the sheep, you gather the lambs in your arms and carry them in your bosom:We commend to your loving care this child, Kaiser. Relieve his pain, guard him from all danger, restore to him your gifts of gladness and strength. Hear us, we pray, for your dear Name's sake. 

We also ask for an awareness of your care and presence for Tamara and Mark. Help them to unmistakably see your hand, feel your strength. Protect them from the "what if" devil, and help them to lean into your goodness and light. 

We, your people, bring this family to you. Thank you for helping us. Amen.