Sappy Parenting Poems

I came across these today. Poems I wrote when my bigger people were little-er. Back when sleep deprivation and hormonal fluctuation were constant companions. Good Times. Maybe they will resonate with you, too.

Popsicles In The Bathtub

Aside from all the other reasons they're magnificent Today they shared a popsicle in the bathtub Soapy smiles licking on orange coldness in the temperate safety of a warm bathtub A lick for you - A lick for me Orange tongues enjoy the rare treat of a Popsicle in Winter What fun on a snowy day


Sleepy Smiles

Sleepy smiles from under the red checked blanket Sleepy smiles sent from the land of soured milk jammies Sleepy smiles like strawberry candies in a usually empty candy dish


Never more than now

Never more than now Do I feel the soft And steady Weight of my treasure

Not a burdensome weight Not a weight to regret taking

But a delightful needing to be needed


Mine Just to Borrow

Counted and kissed her ten tiny toes Tickled her feet and wiped her nose She smells so sweet

Her eyes brown like Daddy's Her cheeks chubby like mine

I pray her heart will be like yours Good and honest Brave and True Full of love for all But love especially for You

You know how many wrinkles in her hands How many smiles in a day You know all the beautiful thoughts she will think All the wonderful things she will say You know her You made her

I need love to mold her Knowledge to teach her Wisdom to guide her Such an amazing gift given to me Such an awesome responsibility

Remind me, Life is short, filled with joy and sorrow And that she is only mine to borrow