There’s just something about dirt. The plants that feed us are seeded in dirt. Trees that give us oxygen and shade are rooted in dirt. Worms and prairie dogs live in the dirt. Paths are made of dirt. From dirt we came and from dirt we will return. Dirt matters, just ask any farmer or muddy child. Good dirt will help grow a garden big enough to feed our families. Good dirt packs just hard enough to walk on. Good dirt enables trees to stand tall, roots grass for the hillside, and cultivates habitat for countless living things. 

The human soul reminds me of dirt. A healthy soul that functions as it was intended will grow a good life. Not an easy life, there are always storms and thorns, fire and drought; but even these are part of healthy soul soil. The Beloved Gardener* reaches in elbow deep in soul soil and works in nitrogen, moisture, and nutrients. Through the Gardener's work a greater, deeper more authentic love of God, love of neighbor and even love of self grows. 

Good Dirt is the ministry of Lacy Finn Borgo (learn more about me here.) I walk with folks in their life with God through spiritual direction for adults and children, conferences and retreats, and through books, curriculum and articles. It is my desire to do life with the Beloved Gardener and help others to do the same. 

*in John 20:15 Mary mistakes Jesus for the gardener. Frankly, I don't think it was a mistake.

Life with God for Children is spiritual formation curriculum for children. It has been used in Sunday school, children’s church, small groups, homeschooling and even adapted for Vacation Bible School.

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When I read the gospels I find that Jesus used his words judiciously. He had something to say. His words gave life and direction. His words communicated the love of God. That is what I seek. From this space I have written a few things. It is my hope and prayer that they in some way communicate life and love. 

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In this space we'll kick around a few thoughts about what it means to walk with God and each other. 

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I offer a number of conferences and retreats. These are opportunities to grow in our understanding of who God is and how we live in His kingdom, in practical and life-giving ways.

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Spiritual direction is a way of companioning with people in their life with God. Spiritual directors offer the gift of listening to both the directee and listening to the movement of the Spirit.

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